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Saturday, 27 May 2017 | 15:38 | 0 sweethearts

it's the 2nd day of ramadhan :)

ramadhan kareem everyone 'v'

i have mixed feeling today. okay, its not that mixed actually. idk. love? uehuehuehue :p 

do you ever love someone so deep that your heart aches? that you feel like protecting him forever from all kinds of evil in this world? do you ever want to tell him how much you fall for him everytime you saw him but you cant because it wasnt that easy - confessing your feeling isnt easy. because i do. i always do.

the fact that my heart aches for liking him too much, the fact that he is the only one i imagined to live my life with, and the fact that i couldnt stop thinking of him all these time. 

i am so doomed with these kind of feeling.

its so beautiful but it kills me inside, for knowing that i cant have him. i will never make him mine. forever.

duh gais.

i hope i can find someone to love, like i love oh sehun /sigh/


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