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Monday, 13 March 2017 | 15:29 | 0 sweethearts

<this is the second entry of telmy. if you wanna read my first day during telmy, click HERE>

approximately 367 days after exoluxion in malaysia (telmy) ended and d-4 before exordium in malaysia started. geehehehehe the amount of time i took to continue writing about my experience during telmy? 


usually people got so hyped up after something big happen because they couldnt wait to tell the world about it (at least to babble on their blogs) but then here's me too lazy to write anything. lol.

okay so..... how do i start? /tongkat dagu/


so on that day 12 march 2016, we went to ktm station in....kajang? nilai? bangi? idek where i'm sorry since i'm so unfamiliar with the routes and places in kuala lumpur and its nearby places. huhu. but we took a train so early in the morning, around 7 am so that we could get to stadium merdeka earlier. we stopped at nu central or kl sentral (im not sure also sorrryyyyy >.<) and had our breakfast there. but then unfortunately we spent a lot of time there, almost 3 hours for breakfast only gdi what did we even do i couldnt brain it and berhuruhara took monorail(?) to station maharajalela. fyi, there were a lot of exo-ls there already you can easily recognized their outfits since most of them were wearing exo related clothes or holding smtg related to exo (lols). 

few minutes later we arrived at stadium merdeka, turun-turun je terus disapa another exo-l, giving us few free photocards (pc). "please support baekhyun ya," she said. im not even stan him that much but ofc girl, i will happily support him ^^ 

the outside of stadium merdeka already packed with numerous ppl here and there. there are sellers who sold beverages, snacks, unofficial merchandises and also lightsicks. tshirts are everywhere. also the fan unions started to distribute fankits to their purchasers. before arriving there, i already made appointnment wth my fellow jb's exo-ls to meet at the red gate.

ah before i forgot, lemme explain about the gate thingy. there are two gates, red gate and green gate. red gate is at the maharajalela station while green gate is somehow at the other side, a lil bit further than red gate. fans who held rock (vip) tickets and cat5 (a ticket that a bit lower than vip ticket) will gather at red gate while the remaining will gather at the green gate.

luckily since rock ticket holders were gathering at the red gate, there were a looooot of fan supports there. and they are free! yes, free! heehee. imagine getting much and much handbanners, photocards, fans for free it was fun! 

so back to the earlier story, i met kak fatin. naik tangga je terus boleh cam dia ahaks :p she gave me my ticket and we proceeded to the venue, to receive fan support and fankits.

fans were only allowed to queue at 3pm so we went to our hotel first to perform prayers. tapi masa tu lencun gila kot sebab panas kan, nasib baik fankits ada tshirt sekali so i changed my shirt to get more comfy. ewah. padahal sebab dah rimas :'))))

we went to the venue back, collecting freebies (again) and started to queue. although we were queueing at 4pm but! we only entered the venue at 6.30pm. sadlyfe ngat ok beratur duduk tercongok sampai dua tiga jam. dah lah hujan. tragic.

tapi tu la aku okay je beratur packed macam sardines sekalipun sampai berjam-jam sebab aku boleh berangan. lewls. so at that moment i didnt even flinch or complaint anything bcs all i did is sitting and daydreaming huhuhuhuhuhu.

bila security dah bukak gate, ada lah jadi chaos sikit. bertolak-tolak. memasing tak sabar sangat kan nak masuk haaaa tolak lah lagi tolakkkk. <---- mangsa tolakkan. tapi sebab aku kena tolak aku masuk gate awal :p lepastu tak cukup tanah berlari sebab nak dapat the best standing spot. (mind me yang tix aku takde numbered seat ke pebenda so memang kena rebut tempat untuk berdiri kalau tak tenggelam dan lemasku dalam dakapanmu) /nangis tepi bucu katil/

Alhamdulillah again, kena tolak-tolak lagi (malang en) tetiba ter-berdiri betul-betul depan railing stage mwahaha. and yeah, the best view ever.

concert went well, i mean very well. the view was so clear. exo noticed us (me). most importantly, sehun also noticed me mihmihmih :3 okay here's the details regarding sehun thingy (the one i posted on twitter that night ><) it was during what stage ide remember but it was a ballad stage. apparently the whole performance was recorded by my phone but when they performed ballad (not sure if it was mid or what if stage), i stopped recording. it was bcs i'm afraid that i might use up all my memory to record everything thus not being able to record other catchy and cool performances later. so i pressed stop, put down my camera for a while and enjoying the stage. THAT, was when it happened. the curtain of the lower stage in front of suddenly were being dropped down (is it the right word) okay no, langsir yang cover bawah stage tu terbukak, and jeng jeng jeng ohsehun came out right in front of me. damn man i wasnt ready? he looked around, put his finger on his mouth (as indicates to not screaming), he smiled and ran towards my left (the centre stage) darn ittttt i was kelam kabut bukak camera balik lepastu boleh pulak loading masetu yang sehun nya dah selamat lari. I SHOULD NOT STOP RECORDING AT FIRST TT^TT it was too fast. suddenly he's here. and yeah i have to admit that he is so tall, so fair, so handsome. like a sculpture :p

when you're watching them in a close view, you could even see their sweats hahahaha but then berpeluh pun handsome pejadah en aku berpeluh dah nampak serabai macam homeless pun ada. and somehow, they look tired. esp jongdae, there was a time when he closed his eyes for a moment. on the stage. and when sehun was getting ready for jump stage but he knelt down for a few moment, his face in his hands. aww baby :( maybe our weather was so hot at that time or they were actually tired but they had to put up with it, to give a best performance. for fans. :') thank you.

and out of those nine people, junmyeon is the most fairest. fairy prince. dangggg so white his ankle is pink i cry so cute why why :'> they played a lot and ran a lot also :>

it was a best experience. exoluxion is totally worth it, even it nearly costs me 2000 bucks overall /cries a river/ but yeah, aku lepaskan je duit tu sebab benda ni pengalaman kan. ewah. nak sedapkan hati sendiri ke tu? kekeke.

around 11pm, the concert ended successfully and we got back to our hotel room. washed up and sleep time baby. was so tireddddd but i sempat makan sebungkus nasi lagi malam tu hewhew lapar kan padahal time concert tak rasa ape pun. minum air berbotol-botol tapi tak rasa nak ke toilet pun sebab semua air dah keluar jadi peluh. hihu.

anyway otw back to hotel i found a poster of exoluxion (i lost mine in the crowd earlier) yay me :D

i'll love to end my entry here but first,

here's the photos for you :)

kau tengok aku tak start beratur lagi dah mandi peluh dah asfdhjfkjhgjkl ;-;


ohcehun :>

idk what stage is this :')))

idk also this one 

ps/ im sory fo the bad lightning, i'm in the front row so yeah the lightning sucks because there were lights, everywhere. but meeting them so close (yet so far) like this? unimaginable.

btw they're so handsome. and tall.


wish i could post more photos.... but i am pemalas so, no. gehehehe :p

till then,



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