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Monday, 18 April 2016 | 09:34 | 0 sweethearts

oh yes.

i'm backkk! weeee! \(^-^)/  \(     )/ \(^-^)/ /menari pusing-pusing/

kekekeke. me iz so happy.

i'm going to tell you about my experience during my first ever concert that i attended few weeks ago.

wait why i am so happy right now?

just thinking about what to write makes me extremely happy? 


i have to admit, it was one of the best memory i have ever experience.

ye aku tau lagha, but gimme some chances to share my happiness here, pretty please? ;)

okay here we go, a few months before D-Day, it was announced by Star Planet (the organizer) that they're in the final decision to allow or not allowing EXO to come to Malaysia. as for The EXOluXIon 2. 

cr to Hype My.

i was just coming back from my uni's program. Unifest. still remember that tho tehehehe. lepastu aku macam, "no wayyy man no, please no." sebab aku tak rasa aku boleh pergi? sebab aku kat joho and ofc, the con will be held in kolumpo and I NEVER WENT TO KOLUMPO ALONE BEFORE THIS. so the chance is too thin and i was praying that our govt won't allow it. biar semua kempunan gahaha jahat pulak rasa.

lepastu aku bising kat twitter, dan dah start trending #EXOluXIoninMalaysia masa tu. semua orang macam over excited and half-hearted sebab yeah, still fina decision kan. so i told myself, be prepared. i don't want to go bcs of the chance, and the time, and monehhh what if the ticket is too pricey i'll be dead okay BUT, at the same time, i told myself too, this kind of chance (meeting your favourite singer or band from overseas) is like once in a blue moon kind of chance. if you didn't go now then when? when will you have this chance? will you feel okay while watching everyone going to the event? will you feel at ease or are you going to regret it after this?

it's a bad thing actually, i know. lagho

itu semua shaitoonnn!

marilah kita berhuhuhuhu. T T

i set my mind, if the ticket price is above rm1000, i'm not going. basically we, EXO-Ls were thinking about the same thing (the ticket price) because we did research or survey (i did it myself too okay kudos to zak for being so curious to everything) and mostly, the vip seat in other countries after being converted to our currency was above rm1000. 


what the hell i have money, yes Alhamdulillah but 1000 for a paper ticket not including transport and accommodation? LOL REALLY? and yeah, i was aiming the vip seat from the start bcs (this is my own opinion okay don't be salty over this statement) you hardly meet them, it's like 1/100000000 % possibility and when you can meet them, you're buying the cheapest (sorry...) and the furthest seat. 

no offence but that is the same thing like you watch them thru youtube only. ke entah-entah kat youtube lagi jelas. ada hd. ahhaaa.

so tak berbaloi. i'm thinking about going to the con to meet them closely, in front of me, to admire the beauty muahahahaha sebab tu kalau mahal sangat, aku tak pergi.

then i stop thinking about it. k tipu. aku pikir diam-diam lepastu jeruk hati dengan perasaan sendiri. huhuhu. i was trying to think positively. i told myself, "sokay zak, takde jodoh kot. maybe Allah tak bagi kau pergi ke tempat tu, takut apa-apa jadi kat kau ke? it's okay Allah knows everything, Allah loves you so much." 

don't be too surprised. that is the way i comfort myself everytime i'm feelinog sad or useless over something. at least i feel beloved my Him, rught? :) the meantime, i pray to Him, my Lord, i told Him i really want to meet them. if He would allow me....if, if, i got that chance, ease everything for me.. i told Allah that if i can't meet them, it's okay. please decide for me. kalau dipermudahkan segalanya, aku pergi. kalau tak aku redha, that's it.

i feel so beloved atm i wrote this entry ya Allah thank you for everything :') 

it's like an exaggeration but okay, you may think anything about it after this. i'm not going to stop you. 


so after that it had been confirmed, they'll coming in March. bulan 3 dah lah hectic month, terus kabut aku check jadual final, okay bulan 4. fuh, Alhamdulillah. lepastu aku check jadual test dengan kuiz. first test tak kacau, Alhamdulillah. second test? second test bulan 3 kot wahhh what to do what to do? TT TT

soon they released the ticket price. omg i.......i was too happy i nearly scream in public after i know about it. vip stage is not over rm1000 wallah! Alhamdulillah again. :) i asked fansite masternim about which stage is the worthy ones (because the boys will separate on the stage according to their performance). at that time i crossed over a tweet that mentioning a few people as the representative of our states on the purpose of going to the place together. it was a good idea since most of us are from further states and we haven't go to KL alone before this. 

ticketing price and seats. mine is the middle one in pink :)

i was engaged with EXO-Ls JB (johor bahru) there's no segamat or tangkak, sadly so most of us from johor bahru. and Alhamdulillah again, this group is so good, maybe because there are some older people in here and the amount of us are not even exceeding 20 person so yeah. we chatted almost everyday while i barely got into the conversation because of my busy schedule, but i always keep myself updated with everything. Alhamdulillah again, few people offering some of us (yang jauh from the place jual tiket) to buy the tickets for us. it was so....random because she's stranger, we never met before. we didn't even know each other. but somehow i managed to put my faith in her. 

Alhamdulillah, she wasn't a scammer. i guess she's old enough to think wisely and she pitied us for not being able to purchase it by ourselves. she bought the tickets, she sent the image to us. sanggup ok beratur pagi-pagi nak beli rock x (our seats' name). nasib baik kitorang punya branch kat johor tau, as for other states yang jauh-jauh ada branch beli ticket sendiri. kalau duduk kl, nak mati ke stay sogo dari awal pagi sebab takut tiket habis? some of my friends really did that btw. they stayed overnight in front of sogo okay this is insane i know. the craziest thing is some of them even staying at sogo since a week before the ticket launching day wtf it's a week before man! 

ni gambar malam before concert act mihmih

i managed to secure my ticket, now the transport and accommodation. percayalah kawan-kawan aku tak pernah pergi kl seorang. my family pun jarang pergi kl kecuali bila ada urusan. i asked my friends about the transportation. i booked my own hotel, it's over rm100 per night but it's 200 meter away from stadium so have to book it at all cost. jauh sangat susah, tempat tu kl zak, kl. - nurin. i actually want to book budget hotel only bcs it's cheaper but then, "zak, kl tau kl bukan segamat. no hotel bajet. dah la balik konsert malam, kalau ada orang jahat?"- nurin again. though i pretty sure that that place, the hotels around stadium will be crowded of exo-ls only at that time but "no hotel budget. cari hotel yang ada seketul bangunan sendiri" - yeah, it's nurin again hahahaha believe me dia punya risau tu macam nak ikut aku pergi sekali. dah lah kena bebel dengan jot sebab pergi sorang-sorang :'( 

anyway so far dorang antara yang terawal tahu sebab aku memang tak bagitau orang pasal benda ni. sebab aku pun tak pasti boleh ke tak pergi lagi masa tu. even dah ada tiket, dah book hotel. yelah, kang tetiba ada test ke haritu tak ke sadis, dah lah dah kecoh kat semua orang, malu k iolls. so, no.

dah kumpul geng untuk stay satu bilik, dah join giveaway, fansupport, fankit sana sini, GA dengan FS banyak sangat nak nangis tengok tskkk. tinggal lagi seminggu. orang buat countdown tapi aku tak sangat pun. ya Allah you never guess that one or two weeks before were such a hectic week for me. tests aku berderet2 duh pagi petang pagi, semua subjek killer. memang killer lah sesungguhnya. lepastu petang lepas test ada kuiz, esok kuiz, assignment kena hantar, presentation lagi ya Allah aku punya berdoa tolong lah time aku nak pergi tu jangan adaa apa-apa hal. 

seriously, as much as others feel over excited, i didn't really feel anything i smiled a lot but in my mind were tests, quizzes, studies. sebab tu aku terlepas jugak banyak giveaway last minute. dah lah ada satu tu fansite sehun. from japan pulak tu /cries/ ada satu tu from china, terlepas jugak sebab tak perasan dia buat GA few days before concert tskkk /nangis lagi/  

i didn't prepare my stuffs at all, i only think about what should i wear only. that's all. and i'm feeling nervous without reasons ofc #sadlyfe

there was a dispute arose between fans and organizer, aku tak ingat sangat pahal tapi ada kaitan dengan queuing code and yada yada lah so fans mengamuk, maki-maki organizer. 

talking about this, ye aku tau, semua tak puas hati kenapa ada queuing code, dia kata free standing kan, (regarding to vip seat's holder) tapi jangan lah maki-maki. penat sebab beratur beli tiket mahal-mahal tapi tak fikir penat dorang nak anjurkan konsert ni? TAK FIKIR BETAPA SUSAHNYA NAK DAPATKAN PERMISSION UNTUK ALLOW THE BOYS DATANG SINI. it's a big event guys please be considerate. sebelum nak meroyan tu please lah letak yourself in their shoes. 

p/s tazkirah hari ini ditaja oleh Spritzer huhuhuhu.

tak lama lepastu organizer update status pasal this thing, cleared every misunderstanding. and yeah, told ya i'm so random, because i feel sorry, i.........commented on their fb status. i told them i apologized on behalf other exols yang marah-marah, maki-maki. i said i'm so thankful for them, bersusah payah for this event, i said i'm so grateful. nak dijadikan cerita, kakpi nampak comment aku.......... jadi dia tanya naby....... dan naby tak tau......... aku tak bagitau sesiapa kan...... iwas thinking about giving a surprise to everyone after that hahaha why zak why.

she called me and voila i told her everything and she was a bit mad (she has the right). ye la, bff kau sendiri tak tau kan huhuhu. tapi aku rasa Allah dah gerakkan hati kitorang masa ni. from the moment i decided to apologize, naby called me, everything become more easier. i've friends to go with. and i already know her yay! 

one day before the concert, i went alone riding a bus to kl. okay, okay, tbs. aku tak pernah tengok tbs tu cemana rupa dia so aku macam lost sikit masa datang tu. tapi aku tengok orang la that's the way to survive in a different place bro gahahaha. and asked the staffs there. went to ktm, buy ticket to UKM. lepastu salah amek train sebab hujan and nak cepat and aku.....memang tak tau jalan HAHAHA lawak duh sumpah. :p

tengah-tengah lebat tu, train sampai pastu menonong je naik. luckily i had experience in riding a train before when i was in singapore so i looked at the board and tadaaa~ aku pergi ke arah bertentangan ahahaha sakai nyeeeee zakiah ni. aku turun next station, beli tiket ukm balik. naik train satu lagi. dan betul akhirnya tapi jadi lambat lah sebab dua kali kerja kan? dah la orang kat stesen tu sikit je, lewat petang laktu rasa berhantu sangat ok.:p

sampai ukm around 6, naby dah tunggu lama dah. sorry naby dengan housemates semua. /bows 90 degree/ went to iqma's house at bangi, solat apa semua and picked up kakpi kat terminal bas kajang. and we go all the way to klia.

yeah, klia. :p

untuk sambut para suami kesayangan hukhuk. :> yassss it's the craziest thing number four that i did this semester. number one is buying the ticket. number two is going to kl alone with zero experience. number three is riding train alone too, no companion. okay berbalik to klia, we arrived around 10. the flight will arrive around 10.20 pm. just nice aite? (:

masa tu ramai namati faans dah tunggu. here and everywhere. dan aku kecik, selit-selit, dapat depan gate hahahahaha all hail zakiah hahahahahaha. saddest part was we waited and waited and waaaaaaaited at international gate but exo were coming out from the domestic gate. adios. 

lepastu huru hara, kata exo dah kat luar. -______-

this is my interesting experience, number 1. (zzzzz does it needs a number too zak? yes. :)) we went out, there were a few white vans outside. the windows are so tinted as you hardly see anything inside. seperti yang saya tahu, mereka para retis ni selalu naik van hitam legam. jadi saya tak suspicious langsung. #husnudzon jadi tengah sibuk-sibuk orang berkerumun kat tempat lain. saya dengan bijak, berhemah dan bersopan santunya pergi betulkan tudung dekat tingkap van tu. siap buat muka terkedu, plus muka sengih-sengih (konon praktis expression yang patut dibuat saat bertentang mata dengan opparss lettuw puih). lepastu aku jalan, van tu tetiba gerak. all four vans. and the fans? "ITS EXO'S VANS!!!!" 

really guys? -____-

thanks. ;-; so much

i managed to humiliated myself in front of them. _______"

and i didn't know that. 

mungkin dorang terkedu tengok seorang minah sakai tengah betulkan tudung kat situ. lepastu mesti kena gelak tahap nak muntah. ke entah-entah kami bertentangan mata uhuh adakah ini cinta mungkinkah ini jodoh kita hahahahaha dah lah zakiah dah. -.-

ada tak possibility untuk dorang jatuh cinta haa? haaa? hahahaha okay okay ye i'll stop here :D

tapi aku bersyukur lah aku betulkan shawl kat tingkap je. cuba bayangkan aku pergi ke side mirror betulkan make up ke lekapkan muka kat kereta keeee (i did this sometime kekeke) ya ALLAH aku lah manusia yang paling sakai sekali masa tu. dah boleh lah kena label sasaeng lepastu. 

tapi mana lah tau sehun ke depan aku tu hahahahaha now u noticed me abang /angkat-angkat kening sikit/

bye abang till we meet again hiks :>

tapi stewardess korean air cantik-cantik tak tipu ;)

after that we went to dhaniah's home and slept there. 

i'm going to post the next entry later. 


bye gais.


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