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Tuesday, 4 August 2015 | 00:33 | 0 sweethearts

Assalamualaikum :) 

Hehehe. Since I've been a bit busy lately (busy lah sangatttt) so I'm more active on twitter rn. Which is a bit sucks, bcs you can't really tell everything inside your head there.....and inside your heart.


Anyway minggu depan akan super packed w tests and stuffs, presentation etc etc so I guess maybe I should post smtg now. 

To be honestly I am so jealous w those #5FriendsInSeoul esp when they started to post the pictures of food (you know how much I love foods rite?), the themepark (omg it looks so fun) and the merchandies that being sold there. Dangggg! *hantuk muka kat tab* Too cute to handle. ><  

Oh wait, even though my tablet is in a good condition now, dah tak buat hal macam haritu, but I still use a hand phone as my main device. Lol. What kind of sentence is this? :p sebab tak berani nak gamble. Nanti balik rumah nak hantaq kedai naa. Mother offer a new tablet, if I ever want a new one but naah, I'm going to stick w this one. Baby just need some rehab and he'll be okay soon. :)) 

Such a loyal owner. Tepuk sikit ebelibadeh! *applause*


Talking abt south Korea, ever since aizat and da gang went there for a vacation, all my friends that had been there started to somehow did some kind of throwbacks. Naby, tirah, alya, you named it. Which ofc, make me feel envy with them. Nice gais niceeee -___- (bear in mind that this is a joke don't feel offended with me ehee) 

Nvm I'll be there too someday :)

I just came across Anna Khayalan's tweet. That one about how she had heard about a lot of early marriages that lead to divorces until she didn't even mind about finding a zauj and get into relationship right now instead she's going to achieve her goals and bringing her family to a vacation. Then she tweeted about "kalau ada jodoh ada lah."

Okay I'm not going to talk about her tweets. Because I agreed with her statements but, there's a guy commented like "camane nak ade jodoh kalau jodoh tu datang and you reject it."

Bruhhh like seriously?

In this point I'm not going to back her up bcs she's a twitfemes or pretty or vadever but look man, she's just 20. How do you know orang yang datang tu kompom jodoh dia? How do you know that she'll reject her jodoh? Just-how? Because she stated there that she didn't date? Dia tak cakap pun dia taknak kawen or taknak terima mana-mana lelaki.

Let her be then. She wants to pursue her dreams so what?

No I'm not against early marriage. Kahwin muda itu sunnah, yes. Tapi kalau takde keperluan, aku rasa tak perlu lah gatal nak cari pastu kahwin. Kahwin muda digalakkan supaya orang yang duk berkepit tu stop buat maksiat, be a halal partner. Kalau macam Anna, macam aku, takde sesiapa. Tak keluar dating. Untuk apa asyik pikirkan kahwin je?

Fine when I was in secondary school, I do daydreaming about how fun, how lovely the life is after married. But that was before. Until I realized of how big the responsible is, when you're married. Marriage is not a fun thing. Seronok sehari je kena layan macam raja. Lepastu? You have to deal with all kind of things-family-in-laws, husband, children, study, work. Lagi-lagi time belajar.



I'm not bragging that my course is susah nak mati but then, mana ada course yang senang weh dalam dunia ni. Plus kau dah belajar penat-penat, pastu takkan kau taknak kejar goals kau kan?

I don't like this kind of provocative.  Bcs i dont get what his point is. The way he replied as if we (girls) opposed early marriage. As if we didn't want to marry at all. And as if marriage is just about fun, sex, love, dating.

No, man.


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