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Tuesday, 5 May 2015 | 07:45 | 0 sweethearts

"Why i am so into you, why you?"

/singing maroon 5's song/

I Need You is jjang! (Y) no matter how many times i listened to it, i can't stop but feeling sadness all over me. this song moves my heart somehow. gonna look up into the other songs in their new album soon. tehee.

kekeke :p

i just realized that i shouldn't waste my free time and my wi-fi connection by doing the other stuffs but not even updating one entry. (yes. i haven't update anything since i came home few weeks ago.) it's alr too late to realized but meh, better late than never, ey? :p

so ssup nigga? hehe.

tina dah ada baby baru wehee and she has five newborn kittens and yes, despite of being so excited.... i started to worry when i think about how my parents is going to handle the additional members of our family without me to babysit them. (remember i babysitted tina's first generation for six months until they grew so clingy onto me?) 

because my parents are working parents.. and now we have 12 cats to be exact. huuuu..


it seems like i've lost my points because i talked too much in twitter -.-"

ayy i hate this but i couldnt prevent myself from doing that because writing a new entry requires you to sit in front of your laptop for hours, and doing nothing. korek-korek isi kepala untuk keluarkan ayat yang lama terperap. unless for twitter, time tu kau terpikir, time tu kau boleh tweet dengan bergayanya. mihmih. :D

tbh i am a visual person. i mean not really, it is about 70% of me is a visual kind of person. okay. my ayat macam tunggang terbalik sikit. -_- 

what do i mean by visual person?

i am the kind that can imagine things to happen, as if it happened in the reality. and somehow i can feel it. LOLLLL ME. 

once, i used to crave sushi so much until i can even taste it on my tongue whenever i thought about the sushis. 

i used to feel my cat's fur on my hand just because i dreamt about them at that time.

i can taste my mom's fried rice because i missed her cooks and keep dreaming about her. 

i used to cry so hard after creating a situation inside my head, which is unlikely to be happen but still, i cried.

and so on....

this is why i prevent myself so hard from watching overrated movie. my overrated category consists of horror movies, thrillers, uncensored and umm lovey dovey? keke. i rather watch kids category like animation or fairy tales or adventures one. 

sebab aku jenis bayangkan. kau tak faham. kalau baca novel pun aku boleh bayangkan macam-macam. walaupun aku tak tau amende dalam novel tu. but i can create the situation in my mind. i can create the characters.

and yknow what, when i was in elementary school, i had a lot of imagination fellows. i create the characters based on my favourite person. worse, i even treated them as a real, existing person in the world. i laughed, talked, smiled with them. i reserved seats for them so we can sit together and do stuffs together. when i taught about it now, i was kinda insane back then. haha. 

because i can draw since i was little, i drew almost everything that i used to imagine. it is this kind of satisfaction, when you can see your imagination in front of your eyes.:) of course, i still draw them, somehow.
so imagined if i watched those overrated movies. 

what would my imagination be like then? *smirks*

till then.

good bye assalamualaikum.

p/s i'm getting into btob and got7 right now somebody helpppp D:

sleeve-less jimin is a NO. X/ XD


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