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Wednesday, 1 April 2015 | 09:40 | 0 sweethearts
I'm not in a good condition to write anything rn. Hence, I don't really have anything to do since I decided to start my revision for statistics tomorrow because I had just finished my exam today. So, yeah.

More comebacks for this year walauweh I can't get over from exo's cb and now I just heard abt big bang's cb, snsd's new song, anddd bts is coming to Msia yehet! *pusing pusing macam ballerina*

There's no point actually for me to get overexcited towards The Red Bullet concert because for sure I'm not going the concert. Bruh, I don't like crowdy and packed up place so why should I?

Unless if there's someone is being generous enough buying the ticket for me. Of course, VIP seats will be much appreciated. Teeheee :3

There are so many sasaeng fans in this world. Sasaeng fans is a name that we called for a bunch of crazy fans. Too crazy to handle. Not a typical fan lah maksudnya. Sampai sanggup spam Instagram artis yang dorang nak, sanggup cederakan artis yang dorang suka, sanggup lukakan diri sendiri demi artis kesayangan dorang. Yep. I'm referring to zayn malik's sasaeng fans who create the event #CutForZayn. Lol such a freak peoples. Its not like he would come back reunite again if you cut yourself half sekalipun. Hak alah guys, be a matured fan please.

You yourself claimed that you love him.

Then, support him. Whatever he do after this, true, it is hurt when you saw your favourite member in a band left his band. Walaupun aku tak rasa sebab masa kris dengan luhan keluar exo, aku tak kenal pun depa yang mana keke but then, if that is the best for him, support him. Not acting like a crazy people.

Chill guys. He ain't killing himself tho.

Macam kes baru ni, pasal tiffany follow Instagram baekhyun pun jadi masalah. Both fans (sones and exo-l) are flipping out with the news. Siap spam komen mengamuk-ngamuk lagi gila kepe? Tolonglah dorang tu manusia. They're not your dolls to play with.

I listened to exo's new songs. Okay, call me baby is so jjang it is addictive I couldn't stop humming the song :D and yeah, when I listened to My Answer Is You, somehow I had this feeling that baekhyun is singing this for taeyeon. I don't really know the situation tbh, at that time when the news about their dating was spreading around. 

But, what I knew was there were a lot of sasaeng fans scolding taeyeon for loving baekhyun. Shiz girls. Calm down. Who are you to break their relationship? HIS MOM?? :/ 

I mean seriously, when I look into the information's abt their dating rumours nowadays, some peoples are actually said that they had been dating since a long time ago. And they were happy. WERE HAPPY. Until these kind of creatures exist. 

Scolding her. Making her felt so bad, make her apologizing towards yguys. Break their relationship, then now yguys rasa happy lah? Ada rasa baekhyun kompom jadi laki korang la? 

Korang tak pikir kan either mamat tu happy ke tak, bila korang buat macam ni. His happiness is actually more important than your opinions. But then yeah, because he loves his fans, right. That's why he stopped. Hm? Sacrificing his real feeling for a bunch of selfish fans. Poor baekhyun.. 

You, even if you're their hardcore fan, doesn't have any rights to control their life. Aku tak paham kenapa these species wujud. 

Yes you love him so what?

Do you think he'll be yours, eventually? Like for real? You have them in your imagination but you can't even have them for real. Seriously.

Dorang kenal yguys pun tak weh. Stop acting like these Exo members are your real boyfriend. They're human being.

Tak salah nak minat dorang, nak sayang dorang. Tapi salah sebab korang tak support dorang. Again I said it, how could you claimed that you support him then you break his relationship? How ashamed.

Give them the freedom to love anyone that the want.

Bangun lah wei. Takdenye dorang tetiba tengah buat konsert, nampak korang, terus jatuh hati. Amboi, macam dalam komik jepun sangat ;-;

Really, I'm annoyed with this kind of people.

Such a batak people. -,-

I have to admit imma fangirl too. I'm so into them at this moments. Tapi takde lah aku nak ngamuk pasal dorang punya life. Biar je lah. Bila aku tau DO pernah ada rumours dengan sojin, i shipped them. Sojin is pretty, they'll look lovely together. But its an old rumour, whatever. I even shipped Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy's relationship okay?

Please guys, get back to your senses! *sambil petik jari*

Till then.

Goodnight :)

PS imagine that you're in his shoes. You found someone who you love so much, you thought he/she is your soulmate. But everyone around you are forcing you to leave him/her. Everyone threatens to harm him/her. And then you have to leave that someone you love for those selfish peoples. Imagine that. How would you feel? Happy enough?

Certain peoples are so selfish 


I write what I feel

Japgi ada pulak exo-l serang aku ramai-ramai. Kekeke. 


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