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Sunday, 1 March 2015 | 15:07 | 0 sweethearts

Why do I feel at ease wearing this?

But I took it off after a while.
Maybe I don't really have the strength yet.

I hadn't write anything since a few weeks ago and here I am again, tadaaaaaaaa! *sambil depangkan tangan luas-luas* I'm back. Wewewee~ :D

Tbh I just recovered from my illnesses.


I think I ate so many lime pickles last night emm em. I wasnt really realized it since i was munching it while finishing my slide presentation. And yes, of course its not mine i won't buy any pickles k unless when i'm going to travel anywhere since i have motion-sickness. -.-

As a result, mah gastritious came visiting me last night. It was so pain. The pain wasn't only in the stomach now. It spreads into my chest and yeah, kinda scary like what happened to me warghhh D:

Kendae, appeun. Nae momil appeun :(((

But still, Alhamdulillah, things are getter better now. Still sakit lah jugak tapi lagi okay dari malam tadi. Malam tadi sampai takleh bangun woo tskkk TT

Frankly speaking then, these past week was one of my worst weeks here. I consider as that la hihi. Because I'm too busy I didn't even have any times to call puan emak. I still feel bad about that. Duh what kind of daughter are you zakiah zaki? :'(

Now lemme told you what I've been doing the past week.

Walaupun korang taknak tau.....

Tak kira, nak citer jugak!


As yguys know, I came back after cny's break on the last Sunday. It should be a short trip but because it was the last day of the break, the road was busy. Jammed everywhere. It took me 6 hours sitting in the bus. Ergh kematu montot ai ><" and I haven't touch my homework at all. Shizzzz~

For the whole week, every evening I need to go down the college, finishing our wing's landscape. It was the part of the Go Green Project. Upk punya kerja la ni. Aku kalau tak contribute, kesian dekat kak sarah. Dah la dia pun sibuk, anak-anak buah taknak tolong pulak. So as a good girl (hihi), I spent my evenings in the garden sampai maghrib. Everyday. Walaupun haritu ada kor sampai 7 malam. Tapi banyaknya aku jadi supervisor je arahkan orang sana sini hikhik. Well~ I dah design the landscape okay pakai batu-batu sungai tu so why can't I asked them to do the rest? Heeeeeee.

They don't even know how to 'mencangkul' so I had to do it for them, aigooo tengok lah budak zaman sekarang ni cuba lenkali tolong mak tanam pokok ke haih.

Ni masa first day  (Y)

But in the end we managed to finish it during the time. :3

Lepastu rupanya projek go green tu tangguh sampai minggu depan.

Waddefuuuuu -,-

Despites of our chapters becoming more tougher than before, like susah gilos aspidos amendeeee wey lecturer ajar kat depan ni aku tak paham langsung O:, we had a busy weekend. Khamis lepas ada test waktu maghrib pulak tu. Dah lah management. Sebemban kena hapal lepastu lupa semua benda wuuuwuu TT^TT

Jumaat pepagi buta tu ada induksi pulak. Induksi is suppose to be for the part one students but since I didn't go last semester, I was forced to go last Friday. Yah, nampak sangat muka repeater induksi kehkeh. But it was not my fault (clearly I guess so hee) because last semester, dorang buat time cuti merdeka. Dua hari. Memang tak lah orang nak join. Sebab tu sem ni semedang time induksi muka bebudak part 2 je :B

Tapi panas-panas, main tengah panas, berjemur sampai petang. Even tho it should be fun, we kinda enjoying it but in this kind of weather, no I didn't really put my heart into this activity. Serious talk. Balik tu penat dia mashaaAllah Tuhan je yang tau. Dah tu malam ada dinner wajib. And i have a group report to be submitted on Sunday. Gagagagaga.

About the report, act we had finished the draft earlier and submitted to our lecturer, since this project is a new project in our batch. We haven't had any reference to refer to so nak taknak kena hantar jugak, check in case ada salah ke tak. And our madam returned it a bit late, it was four days before the due date. While we had so many events at that time.

It ended up like this 

Aku tengah kejar date line, and what can I do instead of staying up late finishing the project. Since we're ought to write the report by hand. 20 pages in 3 nights. Nights-only. Fuhhhh! Macam orang gilak aku menulis sampai dah page last tu, I was lost. Mengeja 'levels' pun salah kahkah lawak gila aku masetu. X'D mata dah berpinar tengok tulisan sendiri. That night I was completely blank. They asked me about the design and my response was like "hmm".

Pastu sakit. Over-work. Over-stress. X(

See? I wa too busy i don't even have time to go to one segamat to buy my daily supplies. Since I've running out everything right now.

Tapi kau nampak aku selalu tweeting kan?

That's because I stole some of my times to be on the twittah. To let you know that I masih hidup. Hiks. :3

I know it was a boring entry.

Blame on me for being such a boring person. Duh.

Till then, :)

Look! Its the Imam Muda Najdi :)

But I prefer Daie Azzam because he's funneh I kennot xD

Our homemade satay


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