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Monday, 9 March 2015 | 17:07 | 0 sweethearts

"You can run but you can't hide,"

I think I'm obsessed with beauty. Oh, no. Health. Beauty and health.

I wanna take a good care of myself so I can live healthily and yeah, prettily too.

Tapi aku malas.



More tests are coming and I havent really prepared to answer them. Dahlah topik last-last ni tahap mencabar dia mashaaAllah...... mengucap panjang nak jawab tsk tsk. Cemana nak jawab final ni wuuu TT

Anyway, I had sooooo many things to share actually. But I kinda forget it so emm aku citer yang aku ingat je la ek? :D

Haritu kitorang ada charity run. And it was a neon run, yay me! Our intentions to participate were actually....... we just want the glowsticks. We don't even think about running. Dah lah malam. Ey, kajian menunjukkan bersenam pada waktu malam tak elok untuk kesihatan tau. Sebab malam untuk rehat, your body need a proper rest. (Nasihat seorang zakiah yang selalu tak cukup tidur :p)

Tapi tak elok la tak elok. Cuma biasalah, manusia. Cakap macam keling kan. Beria taknak lari last-last dia yang semangat berlari. Haih --" jauh do 45km kot nak nangis berlari huhu.

Oh ya! I didn't tell chu about our dance mob kan? Macam program biasa, awal-awal before starting the marathon, mestilah ada sesi panaskan badan kan? And yesss, our instructor conduct us to dance, I mean a lot of songs they played which is one of them was I Am The Best by 2ne1, well that's a common song actually because the melody is catchy but but after that they played the Good Boy by GDTY. Gila lah! You don't know how crazy I was when they started those song and me and tirah was like so excited that time. Fuh!

It was so exciting.

I was so happeh.

So I danced happily geeheeeee \(´∀`)/

It did increasing my mood.

Maybe that's why I lari dengan penuh semangat. Lewls.

And regarding the flash mob, lepas ramai peserta sampai kat tempat penamat, tetiba urusetia pasang em korang tau tak game kat PS (PlayStation) yang duk menari-nari atas mat dia tu? Yang kalau kita follow the steps correctly we'll get high marks. Haaa yang tu lah.

They played the videos and they asked us to join it together. First like sikit je yang bangun. Then my friends asked us to do it together and yeah it was hectic! But fun. So fun I mean everybody was dancing following the steps diligently and laughing happily with each other. Padahal takde lah kenal semua orang pun. Hiks.

I don't know. I can't control myself when I was in that kind of event. Okay tak lah semua, kalau senamrobik biasa aku chill je buat malas-malas. Sebab step dia common sangat kot. And the song in the list main peranan besar jugak sebenarnya. 

How can you expect peoples to dance happily if you just play a typical song like chicken dance theme song or typical....typical senamrobik songs?

I mean, play a catchy ones.

Then people will participate it.:)


(Okay maybe salah satu sebab aku eksaited lebih sebab dorang pasang lagu kpop. Hehe :b) but still, that kind of songs are so catchy it can makes everyone dance, don't you think so? ;)

Geez~ me and my never-ending babbling.

I should stop watching those videos. Videos about Exos. Shiz I kept watching it whenever I'm free and now I'm feeling like I'm so so into them. Because they're cute togetha.... Those taoris moments. Those hunhan moments.... :(

Look at sehunnie's face when luhan was holding his chin.
Their brotherhood was so cute why he leaves exo whyyy TT

Idk what's wrong with peoples nowaday, I mean most of my friends, they're seems like so eager to be taller than they used to be. They even consuming a supplementary diet called Height Up just to increase their height.

Padahal dorang punya tinggi okay je. Fine lah ade yang pendek cam aku tapi kan, on what purpose they're doing that? Bila aku tanya kenapa nak jadi lebih tinggi, dorang cakap sebab ramai orang tinggi sekarang. As if they're pointing out towards those model kind of body shape. Tinggi, kuruih, pakai baju sendat, cekci. *tutup mata dengan tangan*

But I think it doesn't matter what your height is actually. Kalau kau rendah pun kenapa? It doesnt affect your health at any cost. Lain lah kalau kau gemuk pastu you take supplement to be kurus. Itu aku consider lah. Sebab gemuk tak elok untuk kesihatan kan?

But then what is this?

It seems like now, everybody are interested in being like that. And here I am maintaining my height stubbornly ;-;

Idc imma hobbit if you don't like me you can go away (╯°□°)╯︵( .o.)  

Why do I feel this thing is absurd?

Till then.

Adieu ebelibadeh~

P/s bukan pendek lagi comel ke? Nanti comel je dapat laki tinggi wah berangan! :p


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