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Monday, 27 October 2014 | 06:29 | 0 sweethearts

"And all her tears are dry................................."

Go away, pain..

1. Have you ever act like you didn't give a fuck about it, like you didn't even care about that thing but somehow you did care?

And it kills you in the inside. :(

2. Did you have that denying feeling? Like you know somebody is talking about you, obviously it pointed out at you but you just saying, 'Oh it's not me, maybe someone else.... IT WON'T EVER BE ME..'

Because you didn't want to set a high hope.

But if it's an insulting, walaupun bukannya untuk kau tapi kau tetap nak terasa jugak. Takde kena mengena pun padahal. Dahell. 

3. I still have that over-jealousy feeling but hmmm.... I want to tell you so badly but.... What if it annoys you? So maybe I should sit down and be a quiet, good girl. /nanes/

4. You didn't even let someone to get into your life, to know your problem but sometimes you wish someone will be there for you. One. Is just enough. :')

5. You have the problem to trust peoples. 

Yah, sedangkan family sendiri pun boleh tikam belakang kita, lagi lah orang lain kan? Nauzubillahiminzaalik. 

 6. Ever wondered why I'm into kpop so hard now? Kenapa aku macam ya Allah gila betei minah ni kat Jeon Jungkook niii... Ever wonder why?

Because it's easier. When you have 'someone' to distract you from feeling heartbroken.

7. You dreamt about something that makes you smile. It hurts you at the same time.

So maybe I should stop dreaming. 

8. He makes you smile. But he makes you sad sometimes. You're angry but you are smiling. Whatta confusing feeling....

9. Did you actually believe in jodoh or two peoples make effort about it?

Well, doa itu sejenis effort jugak, ey?

10. I AM SOMEHOW CONSERVATIVE, Most of my time, I wear baju kurung. I even wore baju kurung to the shopping mall, bhahaha yo I'm feeling swag man like whattttt.... :b

11. Can someone teach me how to be more attractive?

12. You are missing someone, but you don't know what to do. Maybe praying is the best option for you.

13. What if............... I throw my anger right now and scare everyone around me?

Okay no zakiah. Kata nak jadi budak baik kan.. =p

14. You really want to say something sweet like, 'Baby good morning have a nice day good luck i love you take care do your best blahblahblah' but ended up with "HOI! GOOD LUCK LERRRR ESOKKKK..." because you're too dumb in making sweet words....

Bapak tak ikhlas......

Well, aku dah kata aku tak sweet~ haha.

15. I ask so many questions because I'm very curious at everything. It's like, I used to call my mom with a panic voice asking her what should i do to prevent myself from appendicitis or what happen if I get too much uric acid in my body. And it just random questions.

16. Who's that girl? Omai how can she be that pwetty? Why can't I be like her? What did she do because she is so cleberr? Why I'm not as hot as her? How can she be that attractive oh nooo she's gonna take my boipreng awayyy!

= My Insecurity Level

Tapi aku takde boifren muahahaha! :p

17. Saya tahu saya membosankan. Terima kasih kerana sanggup sama-sama bosan dengan saya. Wah, terharu ni. Nah hadiah *hulur kek cawan* :D

As I used to tell chu, I am very bad at explaining my feelings. I don't know what is wrong with me right now. Damn it zakiah zaki you shouldn't feel this way. :/

Till then,

Adios muchachos :*


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