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Saturday, 30 August 2014 | 23:16 | 0 sweethearts


It's a sad news.

Aku tak tau nak mulakan ayat cemane..

All those words in my head scatters around, /sigh/

That moment when your mom said your grandpa is too weak. Is just waiting for the right time. Yah, the right time to leave this big bad world, that moment the tears are pouring out like a waterfall.

Luckily I had finished my Doctor Stranger drama so when my mom told me abt his heart's condition, I could imagined it. Yet I understand it well. One of the advantages if you ever watch this kind of drama (surgeries, business, melodrama) because you'll learn so many things that the teachers won't teach you. Drama yang bukan nonsense bagi certain pihak. Education, enough said. At least takde lah penuh dendam hasad dengki pastu takde ilmu yang yguys boleh dapat langsung. Kan?

Okay enough with the drama.

Because his heart had become too big. Yeah, lemah jantung, bila jantung dah lemah, dia dah tak boleh pam darah dengan kuat, laju ke seluruh badan. But at the same time the blood won't stop flowing, fcourse. So at some time, jantung kita dengan tak kuat nak pam, tapi darah still masuk, makin lama jantung kita boleh membesar. Swollen, kalau nak paham la. And there it goes, the complication. His body become weaker by day.

Dan dah takde cara nak sembuhkan. Operation? We need a donor. Who's willingly to donate his heart to a 80-years old man? Kalau ade pun (obviously donor tu kena mati dulu la baru boleh derma jantung dia), kat mana kau nak cari orang mati at this time? Kita bukan boleh jangka mati hidup somebody tu. Plus, to find a suitable heart is not easy. Kalau badan tak terima, penolakan berlaku, and if that 'penolakan' occurs, we're destroying our own self.

So nak tak nak, redha je la.

I'm trying to be strong. For the sake of my mom, tho. She had been busy for this two weeks, ulang alik klang-pasir panjang everyday. Uruskan atuk aku, diskus my grandpa's condition with le doctors. So that she can choose the best treatment for his dad. Knowing that his dad won't be able to recover, she's the one who transferred him to his own house (to fulfill his will) getting ready for everything that might happens in any time right now.

That's why I adore her so much. The strength she showed.

Guess this is why I want to be a doctor before. At least my parents boleh depends on me time dorang tua nanti. :'>

So guys, pls doakan aku kuat. Doakan mak aku kuat. Doakan atuk aku sembuh, kalau masih ade harapan. Doakan aku sempat balik cuti sem before atuk aku pergi.

Two months ya Allah, only two months left.. :'(

Till then.


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