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Wednesday, 4 December 2013 | 23:15 | 0 sweethearts

just finish bw at nani's. mannn.. her last post really killing me naah. because i still can't get over it wuuu broken english. 0.,o

act, i just thinking about my new entry. yea, about Intesaber's SportDay whatever but then suddenly i came over kakcik's twitter then i read something then poof! those ideas gone. okay sila bayangkan ada asap berkepul-kepul sekeliling kepale aku. sekian. 

i was a dumb. i should not open his account, read those conversation. now i'm hurt. :/

bukak blog nani lagi lah menambah kesedihan dalam diri ini. eceh haha XD. melankolik tetibe. heh.

oh why i still thinking about this? 

he's happy right now. sooooo, why can't you be the same? or maybe more? 

i kinda jealous with hariz. like seriously jealous. he got everything-handsome, pandai, purrfect! girls yang suka dia pun ramai. but why aren't he affected wth them? why he can live just like tht, like he can closed his heart and focus to the more important things? why?

maybe i shouldn't fall after all. :')

is it?

why you ever build those hopes just to destroy them by yourself?

dear you, if you ever read this post, i want to thank you for ever being there for me. thankyou because filling my heart for a few months. thankyou because ever make me feel loved. thankyou because letting me sit inside your heart. though i know now i'm not in there anymore.



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