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Friday, 26 October 2012 | 08:33 | 0 sweethearts
dear Ex , i've found someone special
maybe he's not same like you 
but he's better than you 

kayy ,
hai hai ebeliwan ! :D
today i want to tell you bout' somethin' . ummm .. someone actually .
did he important to me ? 
yep opkosss bebeh ! he's the special one . *wink*

kay , tu cerita entri lain lah ye ..
i'll tell you guys later .
promise . :>

okayy , now now now ..

wanna know bout' a big giga news ?
news of my Ex . 
somehow , he did something wrong at somewhere and i SERIOUSLY can't forgive it .
he became more worst since i went outta my ol'skool . 
keh . i knew him a lot . tapi sekarang dia berubah .
dia bukan dia yang dulu .

and to think again , untuk apa aku tunggu dia ?
sedang kan dia takk pernah tunggu aku .
untuk apa aku setia ?
sedang kan dia dah lameeee cari yang baru , khianati janji dia yang terlebih gula tu .
untuk apa aku rindu dia ?
sedang kan dia dah lama lupe kan aku ..
untuk apeeee weh ? heh . 

now i leave him for evahh . 
dia cuma Kenangan Lame aku .
nothing more than that . 

btw i'm not goin' to hate him cause he used to taught me many things . before .
sebab dia pernah jadi seseorang yang memahami aku dulu . mungkin ..
sebab dia pernah sentiasa ada untuk aku dulu . kot . 
sebab dia pernah duduk kat dalam hati aku , jadi badut untuk aku suatu masa dulu ..

but no i'm not going to cry of him again .
aku dah penat . sumpah aku penat .
with all this nonsense , ridiculous , lies every time oh God , i'm tired of it !
memang too much kenangan yang pernah ade antara kami tapi is it worth to mourn over him ?
no | nehi | never *geleng kepala*

and aku ngaku , 
i've found someone to take over his place . 
someone yang care kat aku .
someone yang sayang kan aku .
someone yang so much different from him . :')



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