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Saturday, 26 November 2011 | 19:42 | 0 sweethearts
    salamm smue !!! :D
 mlm ney ,, mlaysia (hrimau mude) lwn bahrain... uuu !! i DO hope they win ths time .. caya lahh !! i knew u can .. go tiger go !! auurmmm!!! bhahax.
              actually...,, aq ney xd ur mnt bola pown.. mksd aq , aq mnt na tgk tpi aq xd ur big fanz like wooahh like that. chill jew ble tgk bola uh. tpi....ble aq da mle tgk,, smgt nek tbe2. xtw ur. mybe bb ase patriotik kowt.. eheee.. anyway ,, i pray that tonigtht,, we'll win the match..   Aminnn !!



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