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Monday, 14 August 2017 | 08:34 | 0 sweethearts
hi, assalamualaikum.

ive planned to write an entry about my kelantan trip and my the exo'rdium in malaysia's experience tonight but i am soooooo lazy. and sleepy too. duh. i slept this evening but still feel sleepy this night oh whyyyy =.=

okay nevermind lets just talk about kelantan.

got back from my final exam few weeks ago. approximately during the last week of june. then i flew to kota bharu to accompany mom. she was attending an international health conference there, for 3 days. so i kinda consider this unnoticed trip is a me-time kind of trip. hehehehe. imagine not having anything to do other than watching random videos and sleeping? I CANT RELATE BEFORE THIS. 

but when i was there, the only thing i did other than shopping and dancing alone in the room (lol), i slept. like a loooot of time. i didnt even try to walk outside the hotel building and loitering around because i did so and got lost on the second day. it was hot. i cant find the building that i want to go. also a bit paranoid of the abduction cases around there (because it's near to thailand this is a lame excuse but me iz scared) and i feel miserable because i sweat so much already.  

so yeah, because it was exam weeks before that, i barely had enough sleep. when my mom is attending her conference, i slept all the time huhu and she didnt get mad at all hiks :p 

heaven gila kot lepas breakfast tidur sampai tengahari lepastu sambung tidur lepas zuhur sampai petang. lepastu malam tidur lagi ya Allah macam tengah berhibernasi. beauty sleep esfak. 

anyway, i didnt do much actually, since the whole trip including few doctors from other regions so yeah they went shopping at pasar siti khadijah everyday and we ate some good food there. you named it, nasi ulam cikgu (got sooooo many ulam for an ulam enthusiasist like me its a bonus), nasi kerabu (i forgot where but its so delicious!), assam jawa madu (?) bought it because i thought it would be sour but its not im sad :(, all those too sweet kuih muih. im so sorry but as much as i love to eat chocolates and ice creams, i dont really fancy sweet things. i ate a bit and i stopped huhu i think theyre not my cup of tea sorry.

anyway, interesting story- when we were eating nasi kerabu, the same shop sells few kuih muih that ive never seen before. so i asked the brother who sells that this and that. and i decided to make few igstories about it (wow look at me so batak ;')) and when we wanted to go back to our car, suddenly that brother chased me just to hand me a folded paper. so i was like "what?" and i laughed because he went away with an embarassed face. he's kind of cute but umm... nevermind. it was an ig username. idk maybe he wanted to watch my story if i ever badmouthing him whatnot (i was thinking about doing so actually bhahahahahaha but in a good way la like omg this abang so rajin layan soalan merepek aku) but i decided not to. 


buat kantoi je.

i didnt follow him or do anything about the username tho. idk. it doesnt feel necessary at all. sorry.

so thats sum up my trip? i know it sounds so boring but hey i had the time of my life okay. ingat senang ke aku nak ada masa tidur je sepanjang hari? takde tau cedih ittew :'(

ps: the pictures is in my phone and im lazy.